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Whale Watching in North, Iceland Show 6 activities

The North of Iceland is one of the best locations in the world to watch whales. The town of Húsavík is the whale capital of Iceland as it has the highest chance of seeing whales. Akureyri is another very good choice. April through October is the best season for spotting whales.

About Whale Watching in North Iceland

The North of Iceland is one of the best locations in the world to watch whales. Tours from the town Húsavík, into the Skjalfandi Bay, have the highest chance of seeing whales. Another popular spot to watch whales is Akureyri, into he beautiful Eyjafjörðuras. In summer, many operators in these towns experience sightings on 100% of tours.

You can choose from comfortable traditional oak boats to RIB speed boats to bring you close to the whales. In particular when departing from Eyjafjörðuras, choosing a RIB will save you travel time as whales are not often been seen deep in the fjord. Time saved can be spend close to the whales. Expect RIB's be more expensive though. 

The most common species seen from Húsavík, are the Humpback whales, Minke whales, white beaked dolphins and harbour porpoises. The North is also the best spot so see lesser-seen whales such as the Blue and Fin Whales, and if you are really lucky, see the stray beaked whales, narwhals and belugas. 

Some operators from Húsavík combine their trip with a visit to Puffin Island, where you can spot some of the 100.000 Puffins living there!


  • Watch whales near Akureyri
  • Watch whales near Husavik

Best Time to Visit

High season: June - August

Low season: October - April

Whale watching can be done all year long but April to September most species can be spotted. 

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