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Ice Hiking in Norway flag Show 5 activities

Guided glacier hikes can be terrific – and the widest selection are available in the western fjords on the Jostedalsbreen glacier. Glaciers are in constant motion, and are therefore potentially dangerous. Never hike on a glacier without a guide, never walk beneath one and heed local instructions.

About Ice Hiking in Norway

In Norway there are 20 glaciers in total of which the majority in Fjord Norway. Glaciers are in constant if generally imperceptible motion, and are therefore potentially dangerous. Guided glacier hikes are available in most of the glacier areas. The widest selection being available in the western fjords on the Jostedalsbreen glacier.

Guides are experienced in glacier walking and mountaineering, ensuring you will have a safe and fun experience on glacier tours. Less experienced hikers can therefore savely experience this adventure by joining these tours. Never hike glaciers by yourself. For safety reasons, participants on these ice hiking tours walk on a rope and safety equipment is provided or can be rent from the operator. Equipment generally included consists of ropes, ice picks and crampons. 



  • Hike on the Blue Ice Juklavass Glacier 
  • Go glacier hiking all the way up in Northern Norway (Svartisen)

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