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One Day Horseback Riding

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Natural resources and wildlife of Velebit Mountain provide the opportunity for an unforgettable adventure holiday in Croatia. Whether you live in Croatia or just visiting, a trail ride through the beautiful foothills of Velebit Mountain while horseback riding, is very special activity for the whole family, group of friends, small company get-togethers or just simply for yourself. Enjoy a day full of great moments, fantastic scenery and fun on sure-footed horses.

Join us, wherever you are at in your riding, whether you are a seasoned equestrian or an absolute beginner. Upon arriving at the Ranch, there will be a time when everyone sits down and talk briefly with head wrangler about your riding experience. From there we are prepared to match you up with the horse that will help in making this the best horseback riding experience. No matter how much or how little experience you may have, all riders go through a brief orientation before getting on their horse. The riding times are inclusive of the safety briefing and rest periods for the longer rides.
All horseback riding ensure both safety and pleasure. The Ranch is pleased to offer a variety of lessons related to the safe and comfortable riding of our stable of horses.

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