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Upper Mustang Trekking

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The 17 days upper mustang trek offers challenging trek through arid desert canyons to the walled city of Lo Manthang with spectacular gompas, walled villages and remote cave shrines. The 17 days upper mustang trek also offers a window back in time to the days before Nepal opened up to the outside world. The visitors gets life time opportunity to experience the traditional Tibetan culture during this trek. The name” MUSTANG” refers to the arid, Tibet-like region (known to its inhabitants as lo) at the northern end of the Kali Gandaki. The Trans-himalayan Mustang Region is also known as the Last Forbidden Kingdom, since the region was restricted for outsiders until Nepal Government announced the opening of the restricted areas in October 1991.

The Mustangis or the people of Mustang call themselves Lobas, and they have their own King or Tribe-leader, Jigme Palbar Bista. After Nepal was declared a republic in 2007, the Nepal Government took back the official recognition of the Bista as the Mustangi King. However, the people there still respect him as their King or tribe-leader. Bista also grants audience the visitor upon request. There is also strict control in obtaining a special permit from the department of immigration to protect their tradition from outside influence as well as to protect their environment. The Upper Mustang trek starts from Jomsom to Kagbeni, the entry point of upper Mustang Region. Follow the banks of Kaligandaki River upstream to get to Lo-Mangthang, the capital of the upper Mustang.

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