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True Nature Sweden

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About True Nature Sweden

From a trip around the world to Sweden's wilderness, William Gilman, founder of True Nature Sweden has spent years in the heart of Swedish nature before he decided to share his passion. Originally from Belgium, William travelled around the world for 5 years with only his backpack and his tent. Throughout his journeys he has acquired all needed skills to survive in the deepest jungles and the coldest winters. It's on one of his trips in Asia that he meets his future wife and decides to settle down with her in her home country: Sweden. But not without leaving his passion! William has since then been travelling through Sweden, discovering it's entire nature and culture.

In 2016 he founded True Nature Sweden in order to share his love for trekking, Swedish culture and the wilderness at its purest state. Together with the True Nature Sweden team and through different tour offerings, True Nature Sweden brings people together and makes them discover the stunning landscapes and nature that Sweden has to offer. Depending on everyone's pace and curiosity the tours vary from "easy discovery" daily treks to hardcore trekking in winter, from the Dalarna culture experience to animal tracking in a survival trip and from the northern light to nine days trekking in total autonomy in Sarek National park!

"The pleasure of being in the nature, to feel the connection, the harmony with this one, is a meaning of life by itself. Everyone should have a taste of it. From mountain tops to deep forests, from summer sunshines to freezing winter bites, wilderness is around reminding us to dare the fantastic adventure of being alive."

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