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Terra Azul

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About Terra Azul

Terra AzuL is a 15+ years experienced eco-tour operator specialized in Whale Watching, and authentic marine experiences.

Every tour is accompanied by a Marine Biologist or Naturalist Guide, and Data collected during outings contribute towards the Azores Islands’ Cetaceans conservation & research project, and to educate Humans. TERRA AZUL has deep rooting to the culture of the Azores Islands, and applies the authentic azorean techniques used for Whaling until 1984, now to the service of culture and education in leisure, and an even better chance to see marine Wildlife.

The Azores Islands are a unique place when it comes to wild marine animals. With 4 resident Cetacean species including Sperm Whales) from total 28 sighted within a year, we register a 98% chance of spotting Cetaceans in an average of 3 different species per outing.

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  • Whale Watching

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  • Licenced marine tour operator
  • Licenced tour operator

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