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Raftrek Travel

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About Raftrek Travel

Raftrek Adventure Travel’s primary goal is putting our small, yet beautiful country on the world map as an essential destination for adventure, offering a variety of active and adventure holidays in Croatia! We want to affirm Raftrek as a synonym for adventure travel in this part of Europe. Our mission is to provide first rate equipment and highly motivated professional guides, in order to ensure that all adventurers and travelers searching for breathtaking beauty, active and adventure holidays or extraordinary thrill find their piece of heaven on Earth, safely. If you are ready to know Croatia from a different angle, come and see it for yourself. It is not the same as seeing it on a picture. We are here to make our guests feel at home!

Active holidays

Active holidays, whether as long as a week or short as a three day break, they are perfect and they offer unbeatable blends of favorite activities that let you make discoveries from all angles. Join one of our active holidays and you'll get to know Croatia like the back of your hand. You'll plunge into different regions with access only resident guides can offer. There's a world of truth and beauty waiting out there that's not found in any guidebook.

Day adventures

Raftrek day adventures are designed for those who wish to fill their day with activity, adventure and adrenaline. The diversity of landscapes makes Croatia a magnificent place for all outdoors enthusiasts. Raft, kayak, hike or cycle Croatia’s most beautiful places within Nature or National Parks. With minimum impact to the environment you get to see all the hidden and best preserved parts of our country.

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  • Rafting
  • Cycling
  • Trekking
  • SUPing
  • Sailing 
  • Kayaking

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