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Out Of The Blue Adventures

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About Out Of The Blue Adventures

Out Of The Blue Adventures specialise in premier eco cruises & tours, including Whale Watching, Ocean Adventures & River Cruises. All cruises are guided by a passionate Marine Biologist and the business is owned & operated by local, Dean Fox.

Our mission is; “Educate visitors and local community about the areas marine life, ecosystem, vulnerable species while delivering a unique and memorable ocean & river adventure, which allows us to continue supporting and promoting marine research.”

Our purpose-built vessel provides 360 degree views for unparalleled whale, dolphin and sightseeing experiences. It’s unique hull design ensures a smooth, comfortable ride in all cruising conditions, with individual seating for up to 20 guests.

Our modern eco-vessel allows our guests to exclusively explore areas along our stunning coastline, only accessible by boat. It’s low profile and high-speed potential allows more time for passengers to get up-close and personal to marine life.

We have an unwavering personal and professional commitment to the environment, Cape Byron Marine Park and surrounds. We operate all our cruises under the ethos of minimal impact and to maintain and protect the natural environment and sanctuaries visited. Amongst other responsibilities, we discourage single use plastic on board the vessel.

Our tours are careful not to disturb wildlife mating and migration patterns, and as the only touring company with a resident marine biologist, we are passionate about providing scientific information about the region and its inhabitants in a light-hearted, fun-filled, and unforgettable setting. During our tours, our on-board marine biologist will provide an interpretive talk, which educates guests in marine conservation and the natural environment they are experiencing.

We are proud sponsors of various research projects, including Dolphin Research Australia’s, Healthy Waterways-Healthy Dolphins Project! Out of The Blue Adventures is excited to have the opportunity to directly help the vulnerable bottlenose dolphin communities that use the estuaries in Northern New South Wales; and more specifically those that rely on the Richmond River. These dolphins are particularly vulnerable to decline from exposure to dense human activities and habitat degradation, which can lead to disease, injury and mortality.

We offer our support to Dolphin Research Australia by providing our vessel for surveys in the Richmond River and field research assistance from our Marine Biologist. Together we can reach the goal of understanding the status and health of local dolphin communities and help to provide for their future protection.

Out of The Blue Adventures will also be part of the Dolphin Watchers program. Contributions through this program assists Dolphin Research Australia to monitor dolphin populations in the region. Our Marine Biologist will share in-depth knowledge on current findings from these research projects to our guests on board our tours, as well as educating students through school & university group charters.

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