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About Ousland Oslo Outdoor AS

Wild nature, safe adventures

Ousland Oslo Outdoor was founded when Mr. Eirik Myrvang and Mr. Bjørn Svenungsen joined forces and merged their companies Ousland Basic and Oslo Outdoor. We are a small and flexible company whose main mission is to provide travelers and groups with genuin nature and outdoor adventures close to the Norwegian capital. 

Eirik’s adventure started one late winter night deep inside the Oslo forests as he was lying outside his tent. Gazing at the stars and thinking back on the 29 years he had been in the finance business and the successful insurance broker company he had built up with some friends. He made a decision that night. To go back to the basics and live the outdoor life full time. He decided to dedicate his time to share his passion for the outdoors with those who might not be able to explore nature on their own.

One of the most renowned polar explorers of our time, Mr. Børge Ousland, liked Eirik’s idea and joined in. Soon after the company Ousland Basic was established. 

Eirik has skied to the North Pole, crossed the massive Finnmarksvidda in wintertime and been to lots of small and large tours and expeditions in the wilderness. He is an expert in winter outdoor life, and an excellent outdoor cook. His favorite area though, is still the forests close to Oslo.

Bjorn’s adventure started a beautiful September morning when he paddled his canoe alone through the wilderness in the remote forests north of Oslo. Some years earlier he had survived a terrorist attack but was severely injured, an incident that made him reconsider his job as a career diplomat, which he had been for 19 years. 

Bjorn is a former arctic guide at the archipelago of Svalbard, he studied sports and outdoor life at university level (in addition to a Master in history and studies of philosophy and international human rights law), he spent a few years in the army, has been an outdoor guide and ski-instructor and has worked and travelled as a career diplomat and as a backpacker in a number of countries all over the world. 

There in the canoe on that September morning he made a decision. To go back to the basics and not only to make a living of the outdoors but to make the outdoors a way of life. Soon after, Oslo Outdoor was established.

In 2018 Eirik and Bjørn met and quickly realized that they had overlapping visions and ideas of what they wanted to achieve. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today we are a good mix of professional guides who offer a wide range of adventure activities.

We still have a soft spot for canoeing so we’ve kept the canoe in our logo. And we do canoe expeditions, hiking and sea-kayaking not only in the Oslo area but all over the country.

Still, our basic idea is that you can experience sublime Norwegian nature and outdoor adventures even if you only travel to Oslo while you visit Norway. Close to our capital you’ll find remote wilderness areas largely undiscovered by foreign visitors. Vast nature areas away from the crowds where you can lower your shoulders and enjoy the  beauty of the nature, whether you hike, run, bike, paddle, hide while watching for wildlife or simply relax around the fire at night.

As our co-owner Børge Ousland puts it: «The joy of the simple outdoor life is one of the most important things I know and something I am eager to share with others. Wonderful experiences in nature is never far away and the Oslo forests offers everything you need for magic moments and mastering. I still use the Oslo forests when training for new tours and expeditions, both mentally and physically. This is where the great adventure starts». 

In Ousland Oslo Outdoor we are passionate about what we do, a passion that is rooted in our love for wild nature. 

Sustainability is one of our core values. We never leave traces in nature. But hopefully we can leave traces in your mind if you decide to come along.

See you out there!

Eirik & Bjørn

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