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Asgard Beyond

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About Asgard Beyond

Asgard - Beyond is a professional guiding company that focuses on day trips from Reykjavik, Iceland, multi day trips and custom made experiences. Our drive is creating a professional and safe environment for guests to build the most memorable and profound experiences. 

We believe that the delivery of our products reflect our personal values, making every memory a one that will last. Skill development and a deep connection with nature leaves our guests with a strong sense of accomplishment and a focus on what truly is important in life.

Asgard - Beyond is a company started by a group of old friends who had worked together in the tourism industry for years. Coming together as a group we join years of experience in multiple adventure disciplines which gives us all the tools to deliver safe and professional life time experiences to our guests in either Iceland or Greenland.

The Asgard team combines over 60 years of field and logistical outdoor experience, as guides,  instructors, climbers, skiers, ICE-SAR members and kayakers.
We are individuals with different backgrounds, inspirations and ambitions but share the same vision when it comes to providing safety and quality on all of our tours.

Ever since we started our career as adventure guides, we have been seeking all the available outdoor education in Iceland and partly due to our initiative, certified foreign teachers delivered professional training and certifications. Later, gaining instructor qualification from organizations such as Rescue 3, and IRF while others have been taking courses trough the ACMG / IFMGA guide training program in Canada. The program has lead the way for the safety standards we follow.

No wonder we all met and got to know each other while working or playing in the wilderness. Shared values, high spirits and endless thirst for new challenges eventually lead us to the creation of Asgard. We are determined to go beyond baselines that have been set before us and have a hard time waiting for tomorrow.

Look through our variety of Ice climbing, Alpine climbing, Rock climbing, Ski touring and Heli tours. Day tours from Reykjavik as well as multi day tailored adventures.

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  • Ice hiking  
  • Ice climbing
  • Flightseeing
  • Volcano and geyser
  • Northern Lights


Professional qualifications:

  • Icelandic Tourist Board - Licenced tour operator 
  • VAKINN - Member of Icelandic Travel Industry Association 
  • AIMG - Member of Association of Icelandic Mountain Guides (NOT VERIFIED) 


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