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Adventure Journeys

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About Adventure Journeys

We provide the highest level of multilingual out-door naturalist guides, who come from professional background and have been certified by the Ecuadorian Ministry of tourism and also have been cursed the WAFA (Wilderness Advanced First Aid) International Certification. In addition of this, Adventure Journeys has trained our philosophy with the best skills to react to any possible situation and provide most unique travel experience of a LIFE time to our customers with stellar service level. Our guides focus in highlighting the beauty of LIFE, and how significant could that be in the richness of our programs.

Our philosophy is based on the meaning of LIFE and how important is to truly understand this and feel it, we believe that with adventure traveling we can make a positive impact on lives of people and help to change your life perspective, is all about the achievement of happiness discovering your own planet and helping people to find the amazing feeling of LIFE.

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  • Wildlife
  • Trekking
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling

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