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Popular in Portugal

OUTDOYO - 21 aug 2020

Popular In Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful country with a great climate for outdoor adventures. Looking to go for a hike through the country where you can marvel at the beauty of the Portuguese nature, or looking for an adrenaline pumping adventure? Well, look no further. These are the most popular adventures in Portugal. 

Go On A Thrilling 4x4 Adventure

There are a lot of places to see and go to in Portugal. And not every place is easily accessible. Not to worry. Hitch a ride in a 4x4 to discover all the hidden gems Portugal has to offer. Beautiful landscapes, hikes, treks, ancient villages and a tasty local gastronomy full of fresh and local products. Most 4x4 tours don’t take you to the tourist spots, they instead offer you the unknown, the beautiful secrets only locals know about. The 4x4 tours are often combined with short hikes that really take you to the heart of the Portuguese nature. This is the ideal adventure for everyone that loves to explore.

Portugal Is One Of The Best Countries For Hiking
Portugal is an immensely diverse country, which makes it great for all hikers. If you’re a bit more experienced, you could hike to the two highest peaks of Madeira Island and get a view you’ll never forget. If you’re looking to take it easy, you could choose the relatively easy Cabreira mountain range which combines the pleasure of hiking with beautiful scenery.

It really doesn’t matter. Portugal has beautiful coastlines, thrilling mountains and breathtaking nature. Just pick the adventure most suited for your needs and set out to discover Portugal by foot. You won’t regret it, that’s a promise. 

You’re Gonna Love A Wildlife Expedition In Portugal

Did you know dolphins are some of the smartest and most sociable animals in the world? They love interacting with humans, and most humans love interacting with dolphins. What a great match. Portugal offers a variety of wildlife expeditions where expert guides teach you all there is to know about the animals and their natural habitats. Are dolphins too small for your taste? No worries. There are plenty of fish in the sea. You can also choose to go on a whale tour, rather than a dolphin tour. A nature tour is a great way to take it easy for a day, and still be within an arm's length of the Portuguese nature and wildlife. 

Kayaking Is An Amazing Way To Discover Portugal

The great thing about kayaking is that you can do it at your own pace. Discovering the waters of Portugal is a breathtaking experience that we greatly recommend. It combines the zen feeling of being one with nature with an active adventure. You can go kayaking at one of the most beautiful Portuguese coast lines with its incredible marine cliffs in, where the magnificent landscape is dominated by wild beaches, calm waters and secret coves. Or you could explore and enjoy some of the most beautiful hidden spots in Gerês National Park, like waterfalls and old Portuguese villages.

Canyoning Offers The Most Diverse Fun

Can’t decide on an activity? Pick canyoning! Canyoning is extremely diverse, it’s a combination of abseiling, rock climbing, caving, swimming, sliding, hiking and trekking. You travel through canyons, through tall, narrow gorges. Doing rappel in a waterfall, diving in beautiful lakes or just swimming in clear waters, are sensations you will never forget. If you really want to get to know Portugal and all that it has to offer for adrenaline junkies, then canyoning is the perfect adventure. You get close to nature, and it's ideal to do it with groups at every level you like.

Ready For Portugal?

Portugal has mountains, cliffs, nature, culture, wildlife and pretty much anything an outdoors lover can wish for. Looking to push yourself to your limits, or are you looking for an adventure suited for the entire family. Portugal, in all its variety, can offer you what you need. It’s one of the most popular destinations of Europe, and that’s not without reason. Added bonus; the Portuguese really know how to cook. So after you spend all your energy on a thrilling adventure you can sit back, relax and enjoy the delicious Portuguese cuisine.