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Get Inspired For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

OUTDOYO - 15 may 2020

Get Inspired For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

It is a challenging time, the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting our daily life and travelling is restricted. For some it’s a good time to explore the outdoors close to home but for those who can’t, don’t forget that there are amazing outdoor adventures waiting for you after we make it through this extraordinary time.

We’d like to inspire you with some wonderful outdoor activities for your next trip. From kayaking tours in Australia to hiking excursions in Norway... The best outdoor adventures are closer than you think! 


Popular Adventures


Just put on your hiking shoes and go! Walk in beautiful natural environments, on different terrains and in all types of weather. Whether you are looking for a short, relaxed hike or a long, intense hike, we have it all for you!


Whale Watching

Whales are incredible animals and a bucket list item to see them in their natural habitat. Check out our whale watching tours around the world and good to know, this is a seasonal activity as you can only do this close to the whales’ annual migratory routes.

COVID-19 - What Do I Need to Know Before Booking?

Most commercial airlines have reduced or suspended routes to prevent the virus from spreading. In addition, many accommodations and outdoor adventure organizers have closed.

It is uncertain when travel restrictions are lifted. It is possible that when travel is permitted, this is only the case for specific purposes and excludes travel for leisure. If you are considering planning a trip, make sure to check cancellation policies before booking and stay informed about the local situation.

Don't hesitate to get in contact via with us via mail or via chat to discuss your situation.