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Whale Watching without the crowds

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Looking for a Whale Watching experience you will remember and want to talk about for a long time? We offer the safest (and therefore most comfortable and reliable) Bar crossing between Brisbane and Gladstone. A stunning Bay with good protection from Fraser and Moreton Islands. All only an hour’s drive from Brisbane! Crusader 1 is limited to 22 passengers therefore offering you a personal day out on the water with unobstructed views of these inquisitive majestic animals. Be in awe of the spectacular breaching, close encounters, magical songs and tail slapping of the Humpback Whales. Get up close and personal with these gentle giants of the sea and encounter pods of dolphins and turtles that are usually regular sightings.

The biggest advantage of whale watching on Crusader 1 is that you will always have that rail side position, ready for that perfect photo. Crusader 1 is an open deck vessel which allows full walk around access even to the bow of the boat where you can watch the dolphins play and follow our path.

What to expect:

  • Sure, it’s always amazing when you get to see the whales. But if you want to be assured of more than just catching a glimpse over the top of 2 or more people in front of you then we are your solution! It’s often near impossible to get that rail-side position on many whale watching operations. And If you are on the wrong side of the boat when the whales show themselves you are often fighting over 100 other people to get to that side. If you can of course. It’s fully understandable that most boats are so heavily loaded with people. Most of these businesses make their living from that short 4 month period of time
  • Sunshine Coast Afloat operates a very wide range of activities thus allowing us to keep passenger numbers to the bare minimum! Our entire focus and goal is to give our guests a truly intimate encounter with these gentle giants of the ocean. You will always able to take pictures or video without the heads of other people in the way.  Even follow the whales around the boat as they swim around under under us! If that sounds like the experience you are after then this is the Sunshine Coast whale watching tour  you are looking for! The luxury of no crowds. The ability to see the whales properly the way you imagined it should be!
  • It’s all about getting out on the water and seeing – regardless if the whales want to come really up close or decide to stay a bit further away, the astonishing marine wildlife that makes this planet truly wondrous! Some of our most amazing moments, when time seemed like it stood still, were when something amazing was happening a couple of hundred meters from the boat. A mother calling her calf with massive tail slaps on the water. The calf totally oblivious, playing and learning to breach ahead of our vessel in Mooloolaba Bay. Truly a moment that was so spectacular, so emotional or so unexpected, that everyone aboard felt extremely privileged to be in the area! Every year whale watching creates new magic moments. Moments we would love to share with you!

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