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Northern light snowshoe hike

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3 hours snowshoe trip where we explore the wilderness around Stranda in our hunt for Northern light. 

Snowshoes is one of the best way to move in the snow if your not steady on a pair of skis, we use to say – if you can walk you will be able to use a pair of snowshoes. On this trip we get out in the dark to hunt for the northern lights and spectacular fjord views. We us some really strong headlamps to be able to light up our way. 

This is for sure something special and a unique experience that everyone should get the chance to try out. We take a short drive up to where we start on snow and make our way in to the dark night in the light from our headlamps. With the right conditions there´s good chances for northern lights on this tour, and there´s nothing that beet´s that – snowshoeing and northern lights.

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