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Hidden Lika by Bike

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Discover Lika region by bike! With both light and off-road terrain, the cycling road will lead you to the beautiful places, and Lika region is, certainly, one of them! A treasury of beautiful Velebit landscapes, underground caves, 100-year old forests, lakes, grazing lands – no wonder more and more adventurers visit Lika and its hidden roads every year.

The tour around the Lika River and Kruščica Lake will show you a landscape-and-terrain diversity of the area. Our meeting point is in Gospić or in Karlobag (it is up to you), a heart to every adventure in Lika. With a homemade brandy we set off on our bike adventure. You will see places that even local people know nothing about and spend an amazing one day adventure on the bike. Enjoy peace and quiet of beautiful and hidden places across Lika.

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