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The Best Kayaking Adventures in Europe

1. Norway

Kayaking in Norway. The north­west, The Helgeland coast, is highly regarded as one of the country’s best areas for sea kayaking. The Fjords in the south and west are perfect if you prefer quiter waters. The narrow fjords, majestic mountains and a variety of islands provide a really special setting.

2. Croatia

Croatia is a perfect country to discover by kayak. Whether you choose the wild streams, deep blue water lakes or the beautiful Adriatic Sea, you will enjoy kayaking in Croatia! Popular choices in Croatia are sea kayaking in Dubrovnik, sea kayaking Scradin Town, and Sea & River kayaking in Split.

3. Italy

Due to its many river, Italy is perfect for kayaking. Great kayak destinations are the Cascate delle Marmore waterfalls (central), Portofino (NorthEast) and the national parks in Sicily. No matter where you are in Italy, you will always have an amazing kayaking experience just around the corner.

4. Switzerland

Kayaking in Switzerland is enjoying the crystal blue lakes and rivers between the highest mountains of the Alps. Kayaking in Switzerland is for everyone, from beginner to expert, and you can go for just a day tour or more challenging multi days tours or night tours.

5. Sweden

Sweden has a lot of rivers (big and small) and an open sea that is perfect to explore by kayak. It's a paradise for everyone who likes kayaking and one of the best ways to get close to the unique and untouched Scandinavian wilderness.

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