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Zrmanja Canoe Safari

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First of all, if you like being outdoors and active, Kayaking Zrmanja River is the right choice for you. Whether it is your first time holding a paddle or maybe you are a canoeist with certain experience you will equally enjoy Kayaking Zrmanja River. Upon your arrival, the guides will help you with the preparation. Since you are about to get a waterproof barrel for your picnic, towels, water, sun cream, camera or any other personal item. Therefore once you are ready, we will give you a life jacket, a helmet, a paddle (a neoprene suit and a rain jacket in case of colder weather) and in no time we will turn you into a professional-looking canoeist. Finally, your trip leader will give you safety instructions and teach you how to steer the boat and you are off!

On the first part of the Kayaking Zrmanja River trip, which is calmer, you will get to practice your steering and paddling skills. So, just by the time you get hungry, we will take you to the beautiful Krupa River for a self-brought picnic and swimming break. Finally, after paddling through rapids, down waterfalls, swimming and witnessing the beauty of nature to its fullest we transfer you back. Kayaking Zrmanja River trip ends in Muskovci village where you change into dry clothes. You don’t need previous canoeing experience. So, even children from 6 years of age, accompanied by parents, can participate. We use two-person sit-on-top canoes which are easy and safe to navigate. Therefore don’t forget to bring a swimsuit, shorts, a T-shirt, water shoes, and dry clothes to change into later. Also, prepare your picnic and water because it is not possible to buy them at the starting point.

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