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Wolves, Moose and Beavers

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Join this 5-day trip with full focus on large wildlife. Watch moose, beavers, roe deer, red fox, red squirrel and birds. We will also spend a night out in tents in a wolf territory with the chance to hear wolves howl at night.

Our excursions involve various walking, driving and boating excursions which means you will get to spend a lot of time out in nature. The evenings offer the best chances to watch for wildlife. That's when most animals become active and our chances to see them is at its best. During daytime we go for interesting hikes and we may even try some canoeing. But there will also be time to just relax, go for a swim or a hike on your own.

A highlight of this trip is when we go out to track wolves. We will spend one night in tents out in a wolf territory with a good chance to hear wolves howl at night.

If you’re into nature and wildlife adventures or photography, then Central Sweden is a great place to visit. In fact, the forests surrounding Skinnskatteberg has proven to be one of the best areas in Sweden to watch and experience moose, beavers and wolves among other wildlife animals like roe deer, mountain hare wolf and even lynx. And all this is just two hours from Stockholm.

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