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Wolf howling with night in tent

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Hearing wolves howl is one of the most exciting experiences that you can have in nature. Although we cannot guarantee that this will happen, we do actually hear wolves howl on most of our tours. These tours are run by local guides, in cooperation with local restaurants and in close cooperation with rangers and researchers.

Our guides are busy all year keeping track of wolves, which means a lot of work, but as long as people are joining our tours, it will definitively be worth it.

  • Stay one night in a tent in a Wolf territory

  • Learn how to search for tracks and signs

  • Big chance to hear Wolves howl (80-90 percent)

  • It also happens occasionally that we see wolves

  • Local guides and small groups for a more genuine experience

During this trip we travel together by foot and by van in small groups in one of Sweden´s wolf territories. You will have good chances to hear Wolves howl, see tracks and feel their presence.

While few of our participants actually get to see a wolf, many of our guests have listened to wolves’ howling.

We run our tours in close cooperation with researchers from the Scandinavian Wolf Project based at Grimsö Wildlife Research Station as well as with the rangers at the local county boards. For these trips we always invite one of their experts to share their knowledge with us.

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