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Winter wonderland hike

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Winter allows us to witness the forest in its mystic grandeur. Snow gently falls and blankets the entire forest, embracing the trees and creating a peaceful silence throughout the woods. As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, we can find comfort by the fire, warm food, and through the company of others. 

This day trip starts from Helsinki and we will bring you to one of Finland’s oldest national parks, Liesjärvi. Considered the hidden gem of Southern Finland, Liesjärvi remains free from the overly populated crowds of international visitors, letting us explore the park in peace. 

During the winter season you will witness an enchanted view of the national park

It would seem as though the forest is asleep during these frigid months, but with care you are able to see tracks of the animals such as the red fox, mountain hare, and moose. 

Our winter wonderland hike is perfect for those who want to escape the city. We will take you for an adventure into the forests of Finland, providing a high-quality guided experience, hot lunch and coffee by the fire and served inside a Finnish Kota (wilderness hut).

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