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Wilderness Tour - Summer & Autumn

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The tour begins with your personal guide picking you up from your accommodation at 1000. You then drive 30 Kilometres north, into the Arctic circle.

Once you arrive at the start you will be given a brief on what to look out for. The Wilderness tour has different levels of difficulty depending on your ability, your guide will discuss this with you upon pick up and between you, the best route will be decided. 

The Wilderness Tour is a very special opportunity to those who wish to wander into the forest to try and get a glimpse of the spectacular and elusive Finnish wildlife and natural beauty of Lapland. Before heading through the woods you will be taught how to move quietly in the wilderness, as one of our aims is to introduce new ways of enjoying this environment.

During the summer your guide will teach you about the nature that surrounds you. The aim of this tour is to show you wild and beautiful forests that look as if they are straight out of a fairytale. We will help you to learn the best secrets of how to appreciate these places.

During every tour, your guide will show you how to build and light a fire without the use of matches. You will learn what to look for in the forests that allow you to make fire easily at any time without damaging any vegetation.

During October your guide will also be able to teach you about the local shrubs and mushrooms that grow during the autumn. Your guide will also show you how to build and cook over an open fire the same way the natives do.

This tour is a great opportunity for those of you who are photo enthusiasts!

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