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Wilderness Lake Fishing above the Arctic Circle

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This fishing trip to a remote wilderness lake, deep into the forest, gives you a great opportunity to catch big pikes and perch. It’s quiet, and you will feel calm and relaxed!

Welcome to this peaceful lake in the middle of the wilderness. Pikes over 10kg and perch over 1kg have been caught here. Enjoy the thrill of trying to catch one of them. To get to this lake we have to drive deep into the forest and then walk the last 1 km. By the lake, it is possible to borrow a boat, or fish from shore, or jetty. Your guide will help you get started. When we start feeling hungry it is time to enjoy a tasty wilderness lunch by the campfire. If we are lucky we can prepare fresh fish by the fire and have a taste. 

This wilderness lake in the middle of the forest allows you to relax your mind while breathing pure air and listening to nothing else but natural elements like the bird's song and the wind.

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