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Whitewater Rafting on Soca River

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Bovec white water rafting is not just an adrenaline activity; it represents a way of life. Bovec rafting is a sport, which is connecting people - making them work as a team. In addition, it is crossing all boundaries, making new ties, new friends. No one is left dry in the adventure. "Flat and calm is fun" - said no one ever! Experience the whitewater rapids, swim in the most beautiful emerald river and join our family!

Everybody all together - forward!!! You can hear the echo of the guide's instructions hitting from the boulders and singing through the stream of the Soča River. Begin your adrenaline adventure when sitting on the raft, encounter and embrace the exceptional beauty of the water of crystal clarity of the river Soča. Deep emerald pools hosting the glorious Soča trout, huge craggy boulders that testify of the power of mother nature. The distance will show you amphitheater of the highest peaks and the view of the sun-drenched king - Triglav will leave you speechless and with their charm draw you back to the beauty of the natural wonders valley of the queen Soča.

We determine the restrictions for children based on the current conditions of the Soča river and its tributaries. On the day of the activity, we take into consideration the water lever, weather conditions, and type of group (family, older individuals) to determine the route of the activity and the age limit. In the same manner, we exercise restrictions if a person is overweight. These limits are determined after talking with the guests. The most important factors are a person’s ability to swim and his or her experience in similar types of sports activities. Safety first.

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