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Whitewater Kayak Course on Soca River

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Soca river kayak is one of the most enchanting adventures you can experience in Soča valley. You can discover the river in a more intimate atmosphere in small groups and be your own captain of the boat. If you are in doubt and facing imbalance, do not worry, the guide is monitoring your every stroke After learning the basics - it's game time. Soca river kayak will offer you an amazing ride, challenge and motivate you, might get you a bit wet, but we are certain of one thing - you will come back smiling.

A seat of a kayak offers you an opportunity to explore the rugged and beautiful Soča River. Professional instructors will be your conductor through an intense 2-3-hour training course and give you the skills, joy, and confidence to endear the challenges of the open white and wild emerald water. Be the king of the kayak, spend more days on the river and Soča will definitely deliver. If mastering kayaking is your goal, multi-day courses are recommended.

We determine the restrictions for children based on the current conditions of the Soča river and its tributaries. On the day of the activity, we take into consideration the water lever, weather conditions, and type of group (family, older individuals) to determine the route of the activity and the age limit. In the same manner, we exercise restrictions if a person is overweight. These limits are determined after talking with the guests. The most important factors are a person’s ability to swim and his or her experience in similar types of sports activities. Safety first.

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