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Whale Watching

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Encounter astonishing Humpback Whales in their natural habitat as they migrate past the coastline between Ballina and Byron Bay. We depart from Ballina’s Richmond River and enter the pristine waters of Cape Byron Marine Park. Enjoy breathtaking coastal scenery while listening to live Humpback Whale song using our specialised underwater hydrophone. Our friendly Marine Biologist will share in-depth knowledge of the area & jaw-dropping encounters we experience within Byron’s Marine Park.

Each year, between May and November, southern hemisphere Humpback whales (megaptera novaeangliae) travel north from their Antarctic summer feeding grounds, past Cape Byron headland, and on to their breeding and birthing grounds in the sub-tropics. At more than 2,500-kms, this is considered one of the longest migrations in the animal kingdom. Witnessing this stunning spectacular is easy from Australia’s most easterly point.

Humpback Whales are believed to use landmark to help with navigation on their migration, so they tend to hug the coast making local waters and Cape Byron, Australia’s most easterly point, centre-stage for the whales. Mothers choose calm, sheltered and protected waters like Byron Bay to nurse, teach, rest, and play with their young in preparation for their long swim back to the Antarctic.

Not that you need incentive to visit, but it’s all the more reason to book our Whale Watching Byron Bay to Ballina Cruise, which provides front-row seats aboard an eco-vessel with 360º viewing of the sheer beauty of our favourite finned-friends. Whether it’s your first or 100th whale watch, you will still watch in awe as these acrobatic creatures amaze us every time; whether they’re breaching, competing for mates, or nurturing their young.

Humpback Whales are among the largest animals on earth! Witnessing them up close and personal you’ll realize their impressive size. Adults average 14-18m in length and weigh 50 tons. Calves are born around 4m in length and weigh 2 ton.

Our purpose-built vessel provides 360 degree views for unparalleled whale watching and sightseeing experiences. It’s unique hull design ensures a smooth, comfortable ride in all cruising conditions, with individual seating for up to 20 guests.
Our modern eco-vessel allows our guests to enjoy close encounters with whales off the coast of Byron Bay & Ballina.

We believe in making our whale watching cruises in Byron worthwhile. Whether going as a group or solo, we’ll support you before you even hop on the vessel. We’ll start with a free transfer, providing pick-ups and drops offs from designated pick up points in both Byron Bay and Lennox Head. Once on our comfortable, full-view eco vessel, we’ll depart from Ballina’s Richmond River where we’ll enter the sparkling clear waters of Cape Byron Marine Park.

It won’t take long for you to catch a view of our breathtaking humpback whales, free to enjoy their natural habitat. Along with this, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful scenery and the song of whales, detected using our specialised underwater hydrophone.

Just when you think nothing can surpass this, you’ll get to hear from our friendly marine biologist, gaining in-depth knowledge on the humpback whales in the area and the memorable encounters we’ve had. You’ll walk away feeling more connected to marine wildlife and with a higher appreciation for them. This certainly will not be your last whale watching experience with us. Contact us today to cruise the ocean with us.

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