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Walls of Jerusalem Supported Trekking Tour

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Towering mountain peaks, ancient pencil pine forests, land of a thousand lakes, endemic alpine flora and abundant wildlife – The Walls of Jerusalem is like nowhere else on earth!

The only way into The Walls of Jerusalem National Park is by foot, this remote, wilderness world heritage area is a special place and our outdoor guides favourite place in Tasmania, you'll see and learn why. Our 3 day supported walk takes us into the heart of the central walls area where we base camp for 2 nights. We have the luxury of offering a supported trek with guests only needing to carry 7kg pack and a day pack on day two, so we can make the most of this spectacular place and get to the mountain peaks with ease. 

Connect yourself with the natural world, experience Tasmanian wilderness and relax back to your own camp. This unique Tasmanian experience lets you leave everything behind. A chance to turn your phone off, be out of touch with the world and live simply comfortable for three days. 

The Walls of Jerusalem National Park boasts subtle yet dramatic beauty and ancient history spanning millions of years. From breathtaking mountain ranges, it has become the perfect place for rejuvenation for many local Tasmanian's. Our guides will enrich your stay with their genuine, local approach and love for the region. Tasmania is known for some of the world's best food, you won't go hungry with fresh meals each day. The perfect long weekend. 

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