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Vikaköngäs hiking tour

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Vikaköngäs hiking area at the southern end of the village of Vikajärvi, at the northern end of the hiking area is the perfect place for the experienced travellers, same as for the beginners.

All our hiking tours are conducted by professional guides. They will lead You to the most interesting nature sites in the Viikakongas area, where you can feel the beauty of Lappish forests and lakes during a short walk (1–2 km). Viikakongas is a great outdoor destination near Rovaniemi.  

You will walk through natural forests and rocky gorges surrounded by beautiful lakes and rivers. Your guide will tell you more about Viikakongas hiking area with its huge variety of long and short distance trails, located next to the urban habitation. We recommend sporty clothing. 

During the tour you will have a BBQ in traditional kota with stunning view on Lappish nature.  

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