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Via Ferrata in Cuenca

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Discover the impressive Via Ferrata of Priego in Cuenca with OLE OUTDOOR. Very close to Madrid. Transport Included.

A via ferrata is a thrilling mountain activity based on a mixture of alpine hiking and rock climbing principles. The via ferrata routes are just as vertical as they are horizontal, usually situated on a rocky wall that is equipped with a range of gear including: stairs, metal rungs, handrails, chains, hanging bridges and ziplines that help you move along the route. The safety system of a via ferrata is primarily based on a network of steel cables installed on the rock walls. Participants secure themselves with an energy absorbing device and special carabiners to prevent falls as they move through the route.

The Via Ferrata in Priego consists of two sections, the first section being an easier ascent that then progresses into a section more difficult and physically demanding. The path begins as a vertical climb, then later traverses horizontally along the limestone walls of the Hoz de Priego, and ends by crossing two exciting hanging bridges. The route takes place high up on the rock walls and is a very exciting vertical adventure.


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