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Turku Archipelago Kayaking Evening

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There is no better way than this to experience the inner Turku archipelago! During this relaxed and enjoyable guided trip arranged each Friday, you will experience some of the beautiful Turku and Naantali archipelago kayaking.

We will adjust the pace and length of the trip according with the group and weather. For those new to or less experienced in sea kayaking, we will get you going with the fundamentals of the sport in order to make the afternoon 100% perfect. 

This summer evening archipelago sea kayaking tour starts from the Ruissalo Camping/ sandy beach on Saaroniemi peninsula, Ruissalo island, easily accessible by bus, car or bicycle from the Turku center. 

The total length of this evening trip is 3,5 hours. All kayaking equipment and a skilled guide are included in the price.

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