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Trip to Ranua Wildlife Park

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Our professional guide will take you to the Ranua Wildlife Park in a The 1h30 drive to Ranua will give you a chance to enjoy the scenery of Lapland and try to spot some local wildlife along the way : it is not unusual to see reindeer along the road, and also the gigantic moose and some other animals. As you're heading to your destination, your guide will answer any questions that you may have about Finland and Lapland to the best of their knowledge! 

At the park you can follow the wooden board walks through the forest where you get to see all the arctic animals in one place. This is a rare opportunity as it is hard to see these animals in the nature as the wild areas are so big here in the Finnish Lapland. Your guide has special knowledge of all the animals in the park and will share it with you.

The animals you can spot include : Polar bears, brown bears (not in Winter though, as they are hibernating), predatory birds, owls, wild boars, musk oxen, otters, arctic foxes, reindeer and wild reindeer, wolverines, moose...

Once you have finished your nice 2,5 km walk around the park, we will relax and enjoy a buffet lunch at the restaurant before driving back to Rovaniemi.

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