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Trekking 7 days

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About this tour

The Swedish endless and lush forest is such, that you will hardly meet anyone. Resourceful, beautiful and peaceful, the forest will empower you and destress you in no time! Wilderness and lakes of pure water cover a great part of the country. Therefore there is space for an unique wildlife experience, where you have good chances to spot Nordic animals like elks, owls, beavers, deers among the most common. Hiking in Sweden will allow you to live in the wilderness, noticing its smells, its silence and noises, cut off from civilisation.

In this 7days program we’ll bring you through nature reserve, across huge forests or around lakes of pure water. We will be in total autonomy for the whole time which mean lyophilise food for each day and sleeping in tent in the wilderness. We are going to progress as a team and everyone should participate to the well doing of the expedition. Each of you need to carry his own pack of camping gear, food and personal effects.

‘’The pleasure of being in the nature and the pleasure to feel deserving it’’.




  • Day 1: Departure from the meeting point, at the office south of Stockholm, at 09.00. We will arrive at the starting place, in Trosa area, at about 10.30. The adventure start right away as we’ll enter the forest boundary to begin the expedition. Break for lunch and of course a coffee cooked on a wooden fire. In the evening we will set the camp, make a fire, cook and spend the evening around the fire telling stories.
  • Day 2: After waking up we will get ready for the breakfast. Then time to pack down the camp and put the shoes on to get ready to go. During the second day, we will get deeper into the wilderness. Here no paths to find, just trees, rocks and the silence of the forest. After the break at lunch we will continue up to a very little lake where we will get the chance to have a swim if the water level allow us to do so but we will at least get a rest. Setting camp in the evening and wood fire for the atmosphere.
  • Day 3: After this second night into the wild, we start to feel being part of it, part of this immense nature where we belong. In the afternoon, we will get out of the forest to cross some fields. That’s the opportunity to see far away, we didn’t see far for now 2 days and this is quite a nice feeling to get. In the end of the afternoon, we will arrive to a bigger lake, still not huge but big enough to have a dip.
  • Day 4: The feeling of this fourth day morning is always a bit in between, we start to feel our feet soring and walking across everything for the three past days has been more challenging than expected. But then, the team spirit cheers up and suddenly the coffee is ready and the moral is up again. Yes that’s how expeditions are, it’s fantastic but tiring at the same time. Today we’ll have the chance to follow paths mixed with crossing throughout of course. Tonight is going to feel like a big relief when we will arrive at the camp place because the lake there is simply stunning. Pure water and definitely deep enough to have all the swims you want after a hard hike. Well deserve diner and fire to cheer up.
  • Day 5: Hard to leave the place so the landscape in beautiful but no worries, more is coming to us. Pack up and on the road again, today back to what we can do best, going throughout everything. It takes some day and some experience to be able to go through the forest following no paths on uneven terrain. It is not an easy thing to do. Hard to find a rhythm and surrounding by only wilderness but after a few days it will appear much easier, feeling like something you know and can already do . Today we will cross a summer village as well, the opportunity to see typical Swedish houses and the opportunity for your guide to talk about history as well. Ask questions, your guide will be happy to answer.
  • Day 6: Last full day for us. We arrive in a stunning forest . It feels like this forest has been forgotten by humans, it is magnificent and full of animals (though still hard to spot, especially in groups). Today we’ll reach the biggest lake of our tour and continue to follow it the following day. Plenty of time to swim, make fire and enjoy this peacefulness and connection with the nature. Why not setting our camp right next to the lake and admire the sunset while remembering the moments we’ve had during the expedition.
  • Day 7: Last day. It feels like the end already. We are now well trained and we don’t need as much time as the beginning to pack up our tent and get ready to beat the road. Breakfast and across the nature for the last time. After lunch we will get back by a path that will bring us directly to a village where our transport will be waiting for us. After an hour drive we will get the strange but cosy feeling of being back to civilisation.

What do I need?

  • Camping equipment (on request)
  • Flight to Sweden
  • Your travel insurance

Good to know

Activities on this Tour:

  • Hiking
  • Wilderness
  • Cooking on wooden fire
  • Wildlife and Flora
  • Landscape
  • Swimming in lake


What is included in the price?

  • Transportations
  • All meals
  • Your guide

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