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Trail Running in Madrid

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With our Trail Running Day Trip you can go to some of the most breath-taking natural sceneries you can imagine.

If you’re looking forward to some genuine mountain running, then the National Park is definitely the choice for you.

This 150.000 acres large mountainous National Park not only offers some of the best Trail Running in the world, but also an endless array of Outdoor Action, Cultural Heritage and Gastronomic Pleasures. You’ll be amazed at what awaits you at less than an hour from your city hotel.

We’ll always be able to design the perfect Trail Running Day Trip for you. Whether you’re an experienced (trail) runner or a beginner, Madrid’s close by forests and mountains offer a huge variety of landscapes and trails for everyone!

We pick you up at your accommodation and then drive straight to the mountains. Having discussed your preferences beforehand, we run a trail according to your wishes and experience. Knowing the mountains and all the trails, there is always a suitable route for you.

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