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Torrent de Pareis Mallorca

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The Torrent de Pareis is one of the most impressive gorge walks in the Mediterranean and without a doubt the most sought after hiking tour in Mallorca.

The limestone scenery is outstanding with breath taking views, high steep walls, caves and bizarre rock formations. The tour starts in Escorca and descends into the Lluc gorge coming from the Lluc Monastery. We follow this for a short way until we reach a point where Gorge Blau enters on the left hand side.

This is the point known as Sa Fosca. From here the Torrent de Pareis starts. We  follow the main canyon navigating a route between huge boulders sometimes the size of houses. We continue to follow a route down the canyon through obstacles and short drops until finally we reach the beautiful  beach of Sa Calobra.

This excursion involves some awkward climbing over large boulders.It should only be undertaken by persons in good physical condition.

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