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Titicaca Lake Islands Puno 3 Days 3 Nights from Cusco

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From Cusco to Puno is one of the most amazing roads, going from the Andean valley up to the ''Alti Plano'' (high plateau) where Lake Titicaca is located, the highest navigable lake in the World at 3856 metres above sea level. Its shores and islands, such as Amantani and Taquile, are home to the Aymaras and Quechuas, who are amongst Peru's oldest peoples, predating the Incas by a thousand years. Here visitors may wander through old traditional villages where Spanish is a second language and where ancient myths and beliefs still hold true. Olso is located close to Puno and the famous Uros Floating Islands whose inhabitants preserve their traditions and costumes on their handmade reed floating villages.

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