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Tijuca Express Hike

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Hiking 50 min. uphill in an easy to moderate trail you’ll reach one of the most stunning summits of Rio de Janeiro, the Pedra Bonita. 696m above sea level (2283ft), the view from this mountain reveals the amazing landscape of Rio where the ocean, lagoons and the rainforest combines like an art piece. From a unique angle, you'll also see the famous Pedra da Gávea, the biggest monolith close to the ocean in the world (842m/2762ft), the 'table mountain' from Rio, that it´s the head of the ‘sleeping giant’ (some can see human traces on its East face). 

The hike is through Tijuca Forest (National Park), one of the biggest urban forests in the world with 40 km2, with a beautiful tropical and green lush, flora and fauna. Monkeys, coatis and toucans can eventually be seen on the way. The tour also includes a stop by the Chinese View, one of the most impressive summits of Rio. On this tour, you’ll learn and discover the Brazilian and Rio’s history, Tijuca Forest and all about coffee farms that used to exist there, and the reforestation that took place in the XIX century. 

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