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Ticino, Lago di Lugano

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Our “Swiss Lakes Tours” are aimed at paddlers who have tried it before and who want to explore some of the most beautiful corners of Switzerland whilst further developing your skills.

In Ticino we visit Switzerland’s most southerly lake, Lago di Lugano, dotted with palm trees and spectacular mountain scenery. The shape of the lake offers ever changing views and provides lots of possibilities to explore, with good food, coffee stops and the pretty fishing villages of Morcote and Gandria to visit along the way. The area is a UNESCO world heritage site and really gets you into that holiday feeling with its Italian flavour and laid back atmosphere.

We spend two days on Lago Lugano to really take in Ticinese ambiance and culture. We meet on the Friday evening in Marroggia at the campsite and take the opportunity to sample the great Ticinese food. On the first day we paddle form the campsite across the Italian border to Porto Ceresio and return via the famous Morcote. On the second day we continue our journey towards Lugano with the option of passing by Gandria, before completing our journey in Lugano itself.

As with all our tours, we also take the opportunity to help develop your skills, improving your forward paddling technique and manoeuvrability in your kayak. These trips are our improver courses built into a journey and we aim to help you become a stronger paddler, as well as exploring a new area and enjoying a great weekend away

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