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The Frozen Waterfalls of Korouoma

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Hike in the stunning beauty of the Finnish landscape with a spectacular view of dripping icicles. Discover the nature of Arctic Circle, including frozen waterfalls, canyons and forests, as you stop and taste the Lappish cuisine.

Hopping on to the shuttle bus at your hotel for around 160 km ride, you will head to the Posio's virgin forest area located in the South-East of Rovaniemi. Escorted by professional guides, walk through the magical snow-covered forest that looks like a fairyland.

After mid-November, snow starts to cover the trails, getting thicker and thicker for more than 1 meter. You will see a sparkling white coated trees in tranquillity. Capture every moment of your journey of snow and ice for your precious memory.

Experience the unique and authentic way of traveling in the snow! In the middle of your hike, gather around a bonfire, where you will enjoy the barbecue lunch in a traditional style with steaming Finnish blueberry tea to warm you up.

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