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The Arctic Day in Pyhä-Luosto National Park

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Adventurous, full day of snowy action in the wilderness, enjoying the peacefulness of the arctic forest blanketed with snow. Hiking through the forest and building together a quinzee, the traditional snow accommodation, which is both fun and educating!

Bliss guide will meet the clients at Hotel Pyhätunturi's reception. After meet and greet, the Bliss representative will take the clients to suitable premises for a theory work shop about arctic nature and arctic survival skills and, introducing both the traditional and contemporary techniques. Bliss' survival instructor will introduce the relevant gear, such as arctic sleeping bags and sleeping mats, clothing items, give insight information about various materials and their suitability for challenging environment. Also clothing items for the extreme cold and various stove systems will get discussed. A light meal or a snack will be served.

Going out, entering the wilderness on snowshoes. Weather conditions allowing (temperature, wind, amount of snow, etc.) survival instructor will present how to build a quinzee (pronounced ”kwinzi”, in Finnish “lumikammi”). It is a traditional snow shelter, made by hollowing out a pile of settled snow, a well-proven method of surviving the arctic night. Clients are expected to participate to build their own quinzee. It will take a couple of hours for a group.

When quinzee has been created, it is time to follow the Bliss guide back to civilisation with the new arctic survival skill-set in one's pocket.

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