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Survival Courses - Winter Training: 7 days

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Survival situations often comes without warning. Therefore you will have to be ready. You have to be able to face any consequences. You could get lost in the forest, be victim of helicopter crash, trapped in an avalanche or stock in a blizzard.

We are proposing a teaching that will provide you techniques, tools but as well confidence in your knowledges and your abilities to react correctly when a survival situation comes to you.

In this winter training we will focus on surviving in extreme weather, extremely low temperature in an natural and wild environment. We’ll bring you as far as Lapland, well above the polar circle, in the wilderness between Gällivare and Kiruna, the two little towns laying within the vast forests and mountain area of the north of Europe

It is important to get a taste of how the Samì life is up there. The Samì people are the autoctone people original from north of scandinavia. They have been surviving there for thousand of years. We therefore propose you to do what they do during winter to move around the huge wilderness surrounding them. They travel by dog sledding, snow mobile or snowshoes...we’ll do the same.

We will experience the true wilderness life in a lodge situated at the cross of 2 huge rivers taking source from the Kebnekaise, the highest mountain of Sweden. Only accessible by boat in summer and snowmobile in winter, the lodge is attached to a small hotel that make great food, lost in between the only 2 small towns of the region.

The lodge offer simple comfort like bed, madrass, sleeping bags and a stove in the middle of the room to keep you warm all night long. There’re no electricity and no running water for a true experience. Possibility to recharge your phones and cameras at the hotel if needed. We get fresh water and delicious meal everyday from the hotel. This place is certainly the perfect place to observe the northern lights thanks to no lights pollution from the surrounding and a large view from the frozen river.

Nothing better than enjoying a traditional Swedish sauna after the course.

The program is focused on:

  • The three survival fundamentals
  • The basic needs and knowing which ones to prioritize
  • Fire - how to build it? With what? Different techniques
  • Shelter - how to build it? With what? Different types for different environments and climates
  • Food - what to eat? Where to find it? How to prepare it?
  • Water - where to find it? How to collect it?
  • Plants: edible, toxic, medicinal
  • Wildlife - tracking, danger, silent walk, team hunting (no killings in the course)
  • Trapping - set traps network (no killing)
  • Fishing - fish traps, night lines etc ...
  • Climatic zones and how to cope with them
  • Orientation - map reading, nature reading
  • Encampment - tools, kitchen equipment, efficiency and use of the nature.
  • Introduction to long term survival skills
  • Moving - how to move in heavy snow? etc ...
  • First aid - some easy tricks to master.
  • Survival in group: Leadership.

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