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Survival Courses - Basic Skills: 2 days

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Situations requiring survival training come without warning. Therefore you will have to be ready and be able to react fast in each of them. You could get lost in the forest, be victim of a collision, trapped in an avalanche, stock in a blizzard or a natural disaster may occur etc.

We are proposing a teaching that will provide you techniques, tools but as well confidence in your knowledge and your abilities to react correctly when a survival situation arise.

This survival course is perfect for you to learn how to live and survive in the forest, the entire course is given in the wilderness.

Learn how to find your way out of tricky situations and learn how to see the nature differently. Don’t forget everything you need is around you, waiting to be used.

In this two-day course, you get the chance to have an overview of what survival in Swedish wilderness is. Supervised by your survival instructor, you’ll learn tricks and tips to feel safe out in the wild. You get the opportunity to discover and try different techniques that will make you feel comfortable whenever you experience a survival situation in a wild environment.

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