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SUP & Snorkeling in Kardamyli

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Kardamyli is nestled between tranquil blue bays, dark cypresses and a sea of olive trees in south Peloponnese. On one side of the horizon is the calm Gulf of Messinia, on the other, the imposing presence of Mt Taygetos. Our SUP & Snorkel trip here is a super fun experience suitable everybody, combining Paddleboarding and Snorkeling along the beautiful cliff-lined coast of the Mani.

We meet at Foneas beach, a few kilometres south of Kardamyli. After a short introduction to stand up paddleboarding where you will learn the basic paddling techniques, how to turn, stop and stand up until you grow confident on your board, we are ready to go. Starting at a slow pace, we shall practice our skills, stop occasionally to enjoy magnificent the landscape and take pictures. The perspective from a Paddleboard is unique, giving the paddler a different perception into the water where it is common to see the fish and sea turtles swimming below the surface. In addition, the view from on top of the water is equally impressive.

The beauty of the imposing cliffs around the coastline is so breath-taking that you feel as if you've left the real world behind you. Soon we will be exploring hidden beaches, and paddle inside coves with turquoise water. We will be paddling into sea caves, swim into hidden caverns, enjoy gliding alongside the cliffs and for those who dare an option is a cliff jump into the water. Halfway we shall make a relaxing stop for swimming and snorkelling. Time to discover the richness of the underwater world. A delicious picnic is scheduled half way, sourced from farm-fresh, local producers carefully prepared by your guide.

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