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Have you ever wondered how it feels to walk on the water? Then try to rent SUP! "SUPa" is about standing up on a kind of surfboard and paddling with a paddle. Feel how the water ripples over your feet while standing up on the water - you won't come closer to walking on water. Some choose to make the SUP tour a calm and peaceful moment on the water, while others choose to make the trip a real workout. . Did you know that you can also do yoga at SUP?

After a while it is usually good to stand up with your feet wide apart. When paddling, you can take several paddle strokes on each side before having to move the paddle to the other side of the board. If the paddle is pulled back in line with the board it is almost possible to paddle straight ahead by just paddling on one side. When paddling, you should consider activating the entire upper body to get as much speed as possible. Just as with other water sports, it is important to be aware of your surroundings when paddling SUP. Firstly, it is important to pay attention to others with whom you share the water, such as boats and kayaks. If it is windy it is good to stay close to land, and a good rule of thumb is to always paddle with someone else.

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