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Summer day in the wilderness

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This day trip starts from Helsinki and we will take you to Liesjärvi national park. Join us on this relaxed summer day hike! 

The benefits of the forest are endless: spending time in nature can have a significant effect on our health from; relieving stress to improving blood pressure as well as boosting mental health and decreasing the risk of serious illnesses. 

On this tour we will be testing all five senses

During this guided tour you will be using all five senses. The forests aroma, the contrasts of colours within the forest, the silence and the wildlife that breaks it, the feeling of the undisturbed forest floor beneath our feet, and a taste of Finnish cuisine cooked over an open-fire. 

We are here to give you an authentic nature experience in one of Finland's oldest national parks. We consider Liesjärvi as a hidden gem in Southern Finland, as it is not often visited by international visitors.

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