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Stockholm Nature Winter

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About this tour

Are you enjoying Stockholm, but you’re getting tired of walking in the dirty muddy snow of the city centre? You heard of Scandinavia’s typical landscapes and you know you can’t find them in the city. But did you know that they’re actually not far at all? Why not make the most out of your trip by adding a true nature experience to it? Only a 15 minute car drive away from our office, you can find these stunning landscapes.

We depart from our office at 10 am to reach the starting point of our tour of this nature reserve after a short car ride.

Upon arrival we put on our woolly hats and start to flatten the snow under our steps. On the way we will have the chance to talk about plants, Scandinavian animals and the nature itself. We like to avoid the paths as much as possible as we want to show you the deepness of the forest and take you to our little secret spots.

We have a break around noon and take the chance to build a fire to warm up, to cook lunch and to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee or tea afterwards.

It won't be long before the sun sets on the horizon so torch lamps will be needed. The afternoon is usually the best time to spot animals. If the temperatures allow us, we will walk on one of the frozen lakes on our way out of the nature reserve before returning to the city with a head full of memories.



What do I need?

  • Your travel insurance
  • Flight tickets to Stockholm 

Good to know

Activities include:

  • Hiking 
  • Wooden fire lunch 
  • Wildlife and flora

What is included in the price?

  • Transport to the forest
  • Meal 
  • All needed gears
  • Your personal guide

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