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Stockholm nature summer

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About this tour

Discover the nature around Stockholm

You are spending a day in Stockholm but you don’t want to stay in the city? You heard about the nature that is so fantastic in Sweden but you don’t really know where to start so it seems huge. Did you know that forests are knocking Stockholm city doors? Right next to Stockholm you’ll find incredible forest that True Nature Sweden is eager to bring you in.

In one day you’ll get the opportunity to feel far away from civilisation, see beautiful landscapes, learn about fauna and flora and enjoy a lunch prepared on a wooden fire.

Hike and picnic at the lake

We will meet at the tube station Skärmarbring and go from there by car to the forest entry point where our tour will start. After 2 hours walk throughout the nature we will have a long lunch break where you’ll be able to relax, swim in a lake and dry up next to the fire where food and coffee are getting ready for you to enjoy. After this energising pause we’ll get back to business, put our shoes on and continue our hiking throughout the area. We’ll come back at the end of the afternoon after a full day of fresh air and stunning landscape.

Ideal for you that is visiting Stockholm for a weekend and want to mix city and nature. A family will be delighted to spend a nice time together feeling the peacefulness of Swedish forests.



What do I need?

  • Your travel insurance
  • Flight tickets to Stockholm 

Good to know

Activities on this tour:

  • Hiking 
  • Wooden fire lunch 
  • Wildlife and flora

What is included in the price?

  • Transport to the forest
  • Meal 
  • All needed gears
  • Your personal guide

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