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Southern Coast Gili Islands Snorkeling Tour

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The southwest Gilis are really adorable and unspoiled, start to visit The Banyumulek Pottery Village before you get to Taun Harbor, get your boat over to your first snorkeling spot at Gili Nanggu with amazing aquamarine underwater world, then to Gili Sudak a smaller island than Gili Nanggu but it is also a paradise for doing snorkeling, entertained with a decent number of reef fish with really idyllic crystal clear water with good visibility and white sandy beaches, then at last to Gili Kedis.

This island is so tiny, Kedis is tiny and round, no bigger than the size of a tennis court, but feel joyful disembark onto sandy beach, see the star fish and shells, crystal clear water, soft white sand. Unforgettable experience will amazed you with their magnificent panorama during the tour.

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