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Snowy Trails Husky Safari (10 Km)

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Take a ride with a team of sleigh dogs on a sparkling snowy trek, through the spectacular Finnish forest trails. Sit back and relax on the comfortable sled to enjoy the dreamy fairy tale-like scenery.

Starting with the pick-up from your hotel, you will find out all about the training, breeding and racing of these magnificent Arctic Animals in the local farm. After receiving a short introduction and instruction, the dogs are ready to take you on an exciting 10 km ride through amazing landscapes of the Finnish countryside. Feel the excitement as you speed through the winter wonderland. Try not to miss the opportunity to capture your once in a lifetime moment with your sleigh team.

After the journey, warm yourself up with some hot juice and Finnish gingerbread biscuits - the local’s favourite winter snacks, as you listen to the interesting stories of huskies.

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