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Snowshoeing and Ice Fishing Tour

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This tour allows you to really feel what it is to head deep into the Arctic forests to try and find some food. We will Snowshoe through old forests and across a frozen lake in order to get to the perfect spot for Ice Fishing.

During this tour, you will learn basic survival skills and fire making skills along with learning how to walk in Snow Shoes!

We will drive 20 Kilometers north from Rovaniemi into the Arctic circle, then walk up to 2 km across a frozen lake. Once we have made it through the deep snow to our perfect fishing spot on the ice you will start to prepare your individual spots for fishing and drilling. 

While you're fishing your tour guide will go and chop wood and prepare the fire, but before lighting it they will call you over to show you how we make fire without the use of matches in the Arctic (this can be done in conditions as cold as -30). 

By the end of the tour, you will be a fully qualified and hopefully a successful ice fisher.

This is also a great opportunity for those of you who are photo enthusiasts, so please bring your cameras along (just try not to drop them in the ice holes)!

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