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Snowmobile Safari with Ice Fishing and Picnic

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Spend a day in Lapland like a local. The most common way locals spend a day off is by riding a snowmobile and go ice fishing. We start this safari by driving a snowmobile along a beautiful frozen river valley, trying to find the perfect spot for ice fishing. When we have found the perfect spot, we try out our luck with ice fishing. If you are lucky and catch a fish that is big enough, our guide will prepare it for you by an open fire. We also grill some sausages and enjoy the scenery view of the river valley. The tour is suitable for everyone, also for families with children.  

Snowmobile Safaris

Our experience, knowledge and the use of professional safety gear ensures the safety of every participant on our safaris. To provide the performance, we use the newest snowmobile models of the locally made Lynx brand. For the driving comfort, we only use quality clothing, gloves and safety gear. Our local guides have a wide knowledge of the area and years of experience to ensure customers are safe and have the maximum of enjoyment during the safari.   

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